Birdwatching trip to Scotland

After a few cancelled holidays in the past few years, I finally managed to make a realistic escape plan for a short, but most probably a rewarding birdwatching holiday to Scotland. The original plan to visit Spain in April was destroyed by private and work related issues and I didn’t want to wait another year till my next major holiday kicks off to California.

The main birding target is to find some of the potential life birds. Not much left from the resident birds of Great Britain but a few would be nice a addition to the Western Palearctic list. European Storm Petrel is one those species and for this cute ‘sea-swallow‘ we plan to visit Handa Island in the northwest, in case we cannot see one during the ferry crossings to or from the Outer Hebrides. Another life birds would be the Rock Ptarmigan, for which we have to hike to higher elevations. The Scottish Crosbill, whether a distinct species or just a subspecies of Red Crossbill, would also be fun to find. For my son, Dani there will be a

Bellow is the map of our route plan I made based on a few recommendations and research on the web. Thankfully, I’m still getting advices where to go so this map might be changed. Recommendations are much welcome and appreciated.

Thanks to Wylie Horn for helping to fine tune this plan and to Harry Martin for the Rock Ptarmigan site suggestions. Special thanks to Chris Galvin and the Opricron staff for the continued support.

European Storm Petrel

Rock Ptarmigan (Lagopus muta) by Fabian Fopp on

Rock Ptarmigan. © Fabian Fopp


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