My second handheld Paddyfied Warbler in Hungary

A brief trip to Hungary for resolving pending family issues started with sadness, reunion with a long seen family member and a very kind neighbour, who had looked after us some 40 years ago, and lots of emotions when I entered the room where I had spent my childhood. The trip then continued with a special unplanned meeting with my birder friends from my hometown.


This was the frst ringed Paddyfield Warbler for the Ferencmajor Bird Ringing Station. It was very probably an early fledged immature bird. iPhone 7Plus © Gyorgy Szimuly

On the way to the Bird Ringing Satation of the Ferencmajor fishponds I got a news about a Paddyfield Warbler (Acrocephalus agricola) had trapped just minutes before by leading ringers. This is a rare bird in Hungary having only a few records. As I was just a few miles away, I had some time to check this bird before other birders arrived to see it.

This was my second encounter of this species as in 2001 I trapped and ringed one in northwest Hungary while I was there for ringing shorebirds.

I was just about writing a short blog about the amazing result our ringing station including lots of unusual and some very rare capture, but this Paddyfield Warbler was just to special and deserved a separate posts.


Adult Paddyfield Warbler at its nesting site in Dobrogea, eastern Romania. Canon EOS-1D Mark II + Canon EF f4 600mm L IS USM lens. © Gyorgy Szimuly