A Wonderful Honour

31 years ago, with the help of some of my new birding friends, I initiated the establishment of a bird ringing camp at my local patch in Hungary. The idea was to study bird migration at the Ferencmajor fishponds and to attract people of all ages to birding. At that time, there was no active [...]

The Frampton Marsh delivered… again

Being a resident in the Midlands means all coastal habitats and nature reserves are too far away for frequent birding. Among them, the extraordinary RSPB Frampton Marsh in Lincolnshire is probably the closest and the fastest to reach. This RSPB reserve is a safe haven for waterbirds and shorebirds and paradise for birders of every [...]

Another lifer in 2022 – Dusky Warbler in Norfolk

The original idea was for a Monday birding trip, to see the stunning White-tailed Lapwing which moved from Lincolnshire wintering grounds to Norfolk. Sadly, the bird disappeared overnight so we had to change plans. As a potential lifer has been reported daily on the north coast of Norfolk in the last two weeks, it was [...]

Urban birding with the first smells of Spring

Having a gorgeous weather in my city has been a rare event in the last couple of months so there was no excuse to stay home. I left home at 6 AM for my regular 7.6 miles-long urban birding route, mainly along the River Ouzel in the eastern part of Milton Keynes. The spring is [...]

Pallas’s Leaf Warbler – a long-chased lifer

After several failed attempts in the past, I finally had a good chance to see a wintering Pallas's Leaf Warbler (Phylloscopus proregulus) in the relative neighbourhood. My local birding friend, Hasan, invited me to find this rarity in Oxfordshire, UK. A strip of woods, adjacent to the Abingdon sewage works, proved to be a very productive [...]

Shorebird survey for the Breeding Shorebird Atlas

A clutch of Northern Lapwing with 4 eggs on a pretty arid agricultural field. © Gyorgy Szimuly What else I could do on a glorious day like this? The best is doing the nesting shorebird survey as the season is full on. Earlier this year an ambitious and exciting new program was launched to map [...]

1 million views

When I started my bird photography adventure in 2005, I did not publish my photos anywhere apart from my birding blog and later on Facebook. In 2009 a new photo-sharing service was launched named 500px.com. I signed up in 2011 and ever since I am with them. I also have a Flickr account, but I [...]

How do I eBird?

Eurasian Skylark on the Pendle Hill, Lancashire. © Gyorgy Szimuly I have read and heard much feedback about how people use eBird and their everyday birding was adjusted to this exceptional tool. So I thought, I sum my experiences up with a little wishlist at the end. I'm sure I don't utilise the full power [...]

Migration-watch at the Tattenhoe Park local hotspot

It doesn't really matter where I go birding these days as migration can be witnessed anywhere. This morning I went to the local park at the edge of the city to count migrating Redwings and other passage birds. The Tattenhoe Valley Park is a long stretch of semi-natural wooden and bushland habitats, small pools and [...]