My other blogs

Not many of my followers and friends know that I have been running other bird related blogs. Let me share those with you now.


WorldWaders News Blog
My most important blog is the WorldWaders News Blog which I set more than three years ago on Posterous. Since Posterous is dead I moved all its content to WordPress. My idea was to collect all the actual news on waders/shorebirds in a single website and popularize this group of birds. The blog is well received by many readers and is a nice tool to raise public awareness for the conservation of waders.

Link to WorldWaders News Blog:

Birding tech Radar
My newest blog is the Birding Tech Radar what is aiming to provide up-to-date information about the products we, birders use or can use in the field. It has just started and aiming to post about new releases when they appear.

Link to Birding tech Radar:

‘The New Shorebirds Handbook’ Blog
The publication project, I have been working on has a blog as well. ‘The New Shorebirds Handbook’ Project blog will have more updates when the project is over the financial difficulties and will be restarted.

Link to ‘The New Shorebirds Handbook’ Blog:


Birding related event calendar


I have created an iCal calendar, including some of the upcoming major birding events and ornithological conferences. Anyone can subscribe for this calendar and it will be visible in their digital calendar (preferably Google Calendar and iCal).

In my new birding website and resource page a new and more impressive birding event calendar will be announced later this year. If you know about an important birding or ornithological event which is worth to share, and not listed, please send me a message.

The calendar subscription link is here.